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The Founder & Creative Director for LEOA (online boutique) & the #leoalifestyle movement. LEOA is an online boutique where women can shop for trendy pieces to feel confident, unstoppable (& stylish!)

It doesn't stop there, I am a model, influencer & brand stylist -- In addition to my passion for fashion, I believe part of my purpose is to help women achieve their fullest potential, step into their power, and become their best selves. I help other female entrepreneurs curate their dream business through my brand building services.


Over the years, I have helped countless women flaunt their passions online to seamlessly take their business(es) to the next level. I have developed an expertise at curating unique, eye-catching and cohesive brands for100s of clients. I have created brands from conception to completion, across all industries. And, I provide wrap around branding services that encompass logo design, marketing materials, and website design.


While in nursing school as a full-time business owner, I have mastered the art of time management, organization, multitasking, and self sufficiency so that I am able get things done and be successful in all my ventures. This is possible by having the proper tools and mindset and being resourceful.


As a mentor, my goal is to build ambitious women into affluent and influential entrepreneurs and to give them the tools and knowledge to succeed. So, I am now sharing my tools and strategies for your success through 1:1 virtual coaching. It's your turn to create the brand of your dreams!

Connect with me and let's work!





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