noun [le'oa]
translation: lioness



Known to be the "Queen", the lioness is naturally independent, fierce, strong and graceful.

LEOA, aka lioness, offers quality, modern, trend-setting, edgy, and luxury inspired pieces to dress and represent women who seek to live their life fearless, confident and driven. We want to motivate women to step into their power and become their best selves.

The LEOA woman walks proudly in her own skin and personal style. She is a go getter. She is unstoppable, unapologetically her and lives by her own rules. 

Staysha, owner and CEO is inspired by her Latina culture which led her to be confident, ambitious, and glamorous. And she wants woman to feel the same. She created LEOA to be more than fashion. It is a place women can come together, encourage and help build one another to lead with purpose, passion and with incredible style.